Month: October 2015

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The Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee

On a very recent trip to Memphis, Tennessee, we did what most tourists do.  We joined the flocks of visitors to Graceland the home of Elvis Presley, we meandered to Beale Street where one is in the heart of the country’s live Blues scene.  Sun Studios, the birth place of Rock N’ Roll, is definitely a must-see, it is a small museum but holds a lot of music history.  The Soul and Rock n’ Roll museum is also very interesting.  However, what remained most poignant in my memory, was The Lorraine Motel that is part of the complex of The National Civil Rights Museum.   On my return home, I became curious about that era of American history and proceeded to research more about this great man and the iconic motel.  I’ll show you the photos and the history of that era which the museum covered.



Coconut Carrot Muffins

It must be that time of year when everybody is baking muffins.  Now that the Fall weather has finally made an appearance, there’s nothing better than the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and other Fall aromas permeating the home.  Last week’s Fiesta Friday saw an array of muffins in every shape, taste and color.  I had made these about 2 weeks ago, loved them so much that I decided to make another batch and freeze them.  The addition of coconut definitely gives these muffins a wonderful texture, the applesauce and coconut oil makes it truly moist and the crunch of the almonds and the chewy raisins makes it wholesome and hearty.