fall dishes


Thai Basil Chicken

When there’s a slight nip in the air, my taste buds crave comfort foods.  Whilst many long for an endless summer, I anxiously await the drop in temperatures.  You see, summers on the East Coast of the USA are hot and humid; I’m not a fan of air conditioning, but in this part of the world, one cannot live without it.  I welcome Fall with open arms, there’s just so much to look forward to.  This Thai Basil Chicken curry was the first dish I cooked when the weather turned.  I wanted to use some of the Thai sweet basil that I had in the garden, I also wanted to test the Thai chilies – be warned folks, they are pretty hot, so handle with care.  It is National Curry Week in the UK, so what better way to showcase this week satiating your taste buds with a glorious aromatic curry.



Crockpot Maple Dijon Drumsticks with a kick!

Summer is done and dusted, Fall is on its way out the door and the dreaded winter months lurk around the corner.  I’m not a winter weather person at all, I grew up in warmer climes, I did not experience snow nor frigid temperatures till I was in my mid-twenties.  As a result, I do not really look forward to winter at all.  Heck I tried skiing and skating, but felt clumsy and awkward trying to master it at a later stage in life.  Like learning another language, it is good to start at a younger age.  As I age, my bones feel creaky, I moan and whine, I complain about the cold, I long for island vacations, or a get-away in the colder months.