Into Africa

My latest posts have included a bit of history and background on a few countries my family called “home” for a period of time.  Kenya is one such place.  When my family left India in 1954, we moved to Kenya.  The 1950’s – 1970’s were arguably some of the best times of my formative years evoking fond memories.  Kenya straddles the Equator and as a result enjoys some of the finest weather year round.  It’s amazing how much we took for granted back then when the weather was never a topic of conversation.



Africa Revisited

COME ENJOY THIS JOURNEY WITH ME AS WE EMBARK ON A SAFARI IN KENYA….I wrote this journal about 9 years ago when I re-visited Kenya.  Warning:  It is rather lengthy, but I do hope you will enjoy the spectacular scenery, the wildlife and the warm, wonderful people of Kenya.  The journal is basically based on a wish that I had when I left that dark continent in 1970.  Returning to Kenya 35 years later was truly nostalgic, experiencing a safari and  stepping on that red earth again definitely fulfilled that yearning.

I’d like to dedicate this blog entry to Selma Jeevanjee.  Selma and I share some commonalities, in that we both grew up in Kenya, but also lived in Canada and England.  Selma now calls London, England her home.  She has an amazing blog, called Selma’s Table.  I met her on WordPress, and she has not only inspired me to write and join various groups, she showed me the ropes and helped me navigate the site.  Thanks Selma, you truly have ignited that spark within me, I had always wanted to write a blog, but was afraid to get it launched.