Another Chili Cook-off and my entry….

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Some of you who are regular readers to my blog, will know that we usually go to an Annual Chili Cook-off in the Fall.  Our friends very kindly delayed it for me this year since I was visiting family across the pond.  There’s a lot of thought that goes into this annual tradition, the invitations, the prizes, the sides, the guest list, etc.etc.  Our hosts have it all designed down to the last detail.  We were blessed with wonderful weather again, albeit a chill in the November air.  The outdoor fireplace provided the warmth and the screened in porch served as the dining area.  This year there were 8 entries, the judges were sent to an inner room to make their selections, the burners kept everything warm, and the party was yet another huge success!  The wining entry was “Hawaiin Heat” which I hear was real hot and spicy.  The People’s Choice Award was “Apple in a Pig’s Mouth”.  There were home-made cheese and chive buns, bubbling hot macaroni and cheese and a table full of toppings for the various chilis.

My contribution was Crock Pot Turkey White bean Pumpkin Chipotle and Poblano Chili.  Quite a mouthful yes?  It satisfied all the hungry mouths and had a slight kick to it.  Click on the link to find the recipe.  I added the chipotle pepper and poblanos after I roasted, skinned and removed the seeds.  This is what it looked like before it cooked for 8 hours.


 Linking this post to Angie’s Fiesta Friday #94.  Co-hosted by Judi @ cookingwithauntjuju and Stef @ The Kiwi Fruit.  Thanks for co-hosting ladies.

25 Replies to “Another Chili Cook-off and my entry….”

    1. Thanks Sonal, it is a wonderful tradition and celebrated all across the USA in the Fall. I dared not try the Hawaiian chili, it seems the older I get, my stomach can’t seem to handle too much heat. Crockpots are great, I love them, I’ve yet to try curries in them though, although I’ve seen quite a few Indian bloggers cook curries in theirs. I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. This has an autumnal sound to it! A chili cook off is among my favorite fall events, sorry you didn’t place 😦 I am interested in adding that pumpkin-is the flavor intense or just subtle? Great fun!!

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    1. Thanks so much Sue. I placed last year for The People’s Choice award, so I guess it only right that someone else claim that prize this year. The pumpkin actually does not impart any flavor, it is more the color that stands out with that lovely orange and also it acts as a thickening agent I guess.


  2. What a delicious chili, and a wonderful idea to get together with friends like this. I did this once and everyone just liked what I made. Now they don’t want to do the contest. They just want me to make the chili and come over. I don’t mind. I love getting together like this.

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    1. Ha ha Julie, I can just imagine, your chili served with your very own home made bread/rolls, you’d be the winner each time :). I’m hosting a chili event here next month for the volunteers I work with in the garden, it will be a holiday type of luncheon I guess. I think I’ll make the chili I made for the cook-off last year, it had cocoa in it, and won the People’s Choice Award last year. I don’t think folks typically care for turkey anyway, I had wanted a healthier version of chili.

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  3. That’s funny as I was thinking the same thing when I read your recipe name! Sounds like a fun event you have every year and Fall is a perfect time to make and enjoy chili. How are the kids with all this “spicy food”? Happy Fiesta Friday and thanks for coming to another Fiesta Friday party 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments Judi. I’m not sure I saw too many kids indulge in the actual chilis, but there was plenty of macaroni and cheese, cheese and chive buns and some other non-chili items for the kids. Happy FF to you too.


  4. An annual chilli off sounds like a great tradition! I would love to come along and try these… Apple in a pig’s mouth sounds like an interesting one. Haha as i was reading the name of your dish I was thinking.. wow, that’s a mouthful.. somehow you knew. Gave me a good little giggle 🙂
    Sounds super delicious though!!
    Happy FF

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    1. Ha ha, yes we were supposed to have come up with a catchy name. My chili was quite a mouthful for sure, it did taste lovely though :). I hope you have a good time co-hosting the Fiesta, I know this is your first time, so welcome aboard, you’re doing an amazing job!

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  5. Loretta,
    What a wonderful tradition the chili cook off is! Your pictures have captured the fun atmosphere of the event.
    The Hawaiin chilli does sound good. But I also like your very distnictive flavored chili. I have never had that flavor combination in chili before and it sounds delicious ! If only I was your neighbor…..
    My son and my husband both love chilli and it is our favorite game night food. In fact i bought the big sized slow cooker just for game night with friends! I hear that the newer crock pots have fancier settings. My son made my slow cooker chicken curry in his new slow cooker.
    Great post as usual! Love your photos and your chili! Have a great weekend. I gotta go rake tons of leaves now:(

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    1. Thanks as always Sandhya, your encouragement and words always get me motivated. :). Yes, these modern day slow-cookers are so fancy aren’t they? There are just so many settings and calibrations, mine unfortunately is pretty standard. I too will be trying your chicken curry in my slow cooker this week, except I only have the skinless, boneless chicken thighs, it would have been better with the bone-in. Good luck with your leaves, since we moved and downsized to the city, we don’t have any more leaf raking, we blow it into the street, and the city trucks come by and sweep it all up :). I recall when we had that large lot in the suburbs though, so much work, but towards the end, I made a compost heap and dumped all the leaves there as I gathered them on my tractor, I added veggie peels, coffee grinds, tea etc. and I got the best soil for the beds the following year. Thanks for your visit 🙂

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    1. Thanks Petra, yes indeed it was healthy, although unfortunately most of the judges were men, no in fact ALL of the judges were men, and they all like “real meat” :)). I will be repeating that recipe though as I found it really comforting and flavorful.


  6. Oh my goodness… I love Chili Cook-offs. Only been to one. I love what I see and drooling. BTW that one time that I went to, someone tricked me into tasting a spicy/hottest chili. For 2 hours, my tongue was burning. 😦 I just came from Judi’s Chili Dog post, and I am drooling. 😀 )))


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