Day: December 11, 2015


My garden in December

Wait a second, is it really December?  Are we just 2 weeks away from Christmas?  Should we not be roasting chestnuts by the fire, or donning our boots, mittens and heavy coats in preparation for those cold winter days?  Far from it friends, as I write this, the weather forecast for today is a balmy 60 degrees, and the prediction for the weekend is an even balmier 70 degrees F.  We live on the East Coast of the USA and typically we should be in the throes of winter doldrums.  But instead, December has provided us with some pretty warm days so far.  Oh well, I am not complaining, I really dislike winter, but I’ve always secretly hoped for a smidgen of snow the night before Christmas.  It truly doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow does it? Could this be global warming?