and we thought spring had arrived…..

I had posted some pictures on my Facebook page sometime in February showing some early bird arrivals in the garden.  It was a pretty mild February with crocuses, lenten roses and snowdrops proudly displaying their beauty.  We had temperatures soaring in March, clearly indicating that spring was here to stay.  Magnolias, weeping cherry, forsythia and a host of other trees were starting to wake up from their deep slumber.

I was anxious to start planting annuals as the weather had been pretty mild thus far, but then it all turned very nasty this past week with freeze warnings and low temperatures for a few days; as if that wasn’t bad enough…..we had SNOW  this weekend.  You read it right, snow in April!!  Mother Nature decided to leave us with one last blast of winter.  None of it stayed mind you, but I’d never seen such fat flakes before and I must admit it was quite a pretty sight.  I managed to capture some of it from my window.  Thankfully, this week calls for some warmer weather.  Check out the beautiful video below.


Snow in April – turn up the volume to listen to the birds chirping quite happily.  The white stuff did not bother them at all.  This past winter has been a topsy turvy mess with unusually warm weather in December (see my last post in the garden section), and snow in April.


  1. Loretta, What a treat it is to hear the birds chirping! Great idea posting a video too.
    We did not get snow as we did last weekend when the daffodils were covered with snow. this weekend was chilly and rainy. I think we are going straight from winter to summer this year:(
    Loved your pictures of flowers! Looking forward to pictures of your gorgeous summer garden.


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