Come into my garden, my flowers want to meet you :)

It’s that time of year again when all the flowers are vying for attention.  Every which way you turn, there’s a splash of color here and a profusion of blooms there.  Ever since spring has sprung around these parts, the temperatures have fluctuated from pretty warm in the 80’s to fairly cooler days with clouds and drizzle.  I guess the latter has it’s upside as it makes spring last that much longer.  There’s nothing worse than going from winter to summer with no spring-like weather in between.  I have a pretty small urban garden since we’ve downsized, but I spend a lot of time trying to make it a more welcome patch for us, the pollinators and our fine-feathered friends.  There’s nothing  more satisfying for me than to sit on the back patio and watch the birds dive-bomb to the feeders.  Recently,  a pair of mourning doves have set up home in our space, they seem unperturbed as I work around them.  Come with me, won’t you and take a look around at some of what has been blooming since March in our city garden.


Above the variegated red twig dogwood is a shrub that offers year round interest to the garden. In the summer these shrubs display showy variegated leaves, and small white flowers, but the winter months are when the red twig dogwood really shines. In the snow, the bright red branches pop adding considerable interest to the winter garden.  Next to the dogwood is a planter with a rainbow of colors featuring scented petunias and verbena.


IMG_7124Above, the viburnum bush and the pretty acuba bush with its red berries line the driveway and make a bold statement.

IMG_7104I love how the candytuft plant cascades over the wooden planters.  It was but a wee plant when I first bought it;  I had visions of it covering that entire area.  It is slowly but surely getting there.

IMG_7135Another view of the candytuft – in the background is the amazing Japanese Hinoki, with the Blue Spruce in front which needs to be trimmed each spring.  Spending time on the front porch is definitely enjoyable with so much greenery around.

IMG_7127The front bed is shared by our neighbors and us – the crape myrtle tree sits smack dab in the middle.  We try to co-ordinate our plantings each year to bring a more uniformed look to the bed.  Our neighbor has some beautifully colored tulips that are blooming right about now that infuse a shot of color.  The bed is also graced by a gorgeous red dwarf Japanese maple and some golden cypress bushes.  The chartreuse hostas on either side of the crape myrtle also stand out and fill the bed gracefully.


IMG_7129Euonymus and yews also occupy the bed and help keep the weeds at bay.  Lambs ear, delphinums, iris and toad lily (not pictured) also share space with the other plants.

PicMonkey CollageContainer gardening – I make sure that the squirrels do not dig up the containers as soon as I’ve planted them.  The bottom right coleus pot shows a netting cover in addition to small rocks to keep the squirrels from digging in the newly planted pot.   When the plants are established, I remove the rocks and the netting.

IMG_7093Some bleeding heart volunteers that I’m trying to baby at the moment after the squirrels dug it up in the ground.

PicMonkey CollageSome garden critters – I’ve yet to plant my annuals in the ground this year.  The backyard patio is another favorite; a perfect outdoor space for the warm weather months.



IMG_7170The beautiful clematis draping itself around the fence is always a focal point and draws attention to anyone visiting the garden.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing just some of the garden as much as I’ve loved sharing it with you.  It’s a work in progress for sure.  Keep calm and garden on:)














  1. Loretta,
    I thoroughly enjoyed a tour of your beautiful garden and learned the names of some plants I have in the garen:)
    I love plants and flowers that cascade over wood, brick or stone walls and try to do some container gardening but have been otherwise lazy with gardening these past few years.
    The backyard patio is my favorite place to sit and am planning to spruce it up. The weather has been cold, raw, damp and rainy for the past two weeks in our area and my head cold is not helping me be cheerful either:(
    So your garden tour really lifted my spirits!
    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Sandhya. I hope your weather improves and your spirits lifted. Nothing like gloomy days to spoil the mood of spring is there? We too have had some rainy, cooler weather, but then they do say April showers bring May flowers? The garden stays fresh and green a tad longer before the harsh summer arrives. Would love to see a picture of your backyard patio sometime, perhaps I could give you some incentive to get digging? LOL Thanks for your wishes Sandhya, wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day too. As always, appreciate your visits:)


  2. Hello Loretta! Thats a beautiful garden you have there. The fresh, lovely blooming flowers show that they have been well taken care of. It must be a pleasurable sight for you. I love gardening too and our backyard had rows of vegetable plants and fruit trees and our frontyard had flower beds and pots. I would talk to each of the plants and even polish their leaves. But ever since we moved to our present home I have a smaller garden with flower plants and creepers on which birds love to build nests. One thing I don’t do now is talk to my plants lest my new neighbours think I am weird. Haha! I loved the tour round your lovely garden. Awesome work 👌👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha Ana….I don’t talk to my outdoor plants, but I do whisper to my indoor plants:). We too had such a big garden before, it was a lot of work, but since we downsized, this is more manageable. Would love to see pictures of your garden, I’m sure you have a lot of tropical flowers growing. Thanks so much for visiting with me virtually, I can tell a gardener when I see one, and I’m sure you are:)

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  3. Just beautiful Loretta! Your garden is ahead of mine a bit. I had a squirrel dig up my front porch planter Monday. Got dirt all over the furniture I just cleaned! Grrr….I put hot pepper flakes and cayenne in the soil when I filled it back up but it often gets mildewey in time. I can’t believe they were that bold. Enjoy your garden, if only we could get some sun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Johanne. Oh that nasty squirrel, imagine the cheek of that squirrel upsetting your planter and messing your porch furniture. I’d have gotten so upset with him. I’ve found that putting rocks around the roots, or a light netting really keeps them at bay. Otherwise a lot of the annuals hardly get a chance to root, as the squirrels are happily digging away. Sometimes it’s a losing battle. I think the sun should be appearing in the next few days:). The flower market is on here in Wilmington, so I will be strolling over there later on to see what treasures I can find.

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  4. Saved your clematis picture hoping to paint them sometime, I have a soft spot for these flowers. Hope it is ok with you! Love your garden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d love you to paint the clematis Maureen, if you like, I can send you some pictures under separate cover? I too love them. Incidentally, my Mum will be accompanying my sis and her family to Goa in October. It was her wish that she stay @ The Santana, she just loves your daughter’s hotel. I think this will be her last visit to Goa as she is getting on in years. My sis and her family will be staying at their condo. They will be there for her nephew’s wedding. I was considering a visit, but the 17 hour flight will put me right off. :)


  5. Loretta, thank you for sharing your beautiful gardens and planters of flowers! Your season has a three month head start to ours, in fact nothing is bloomed here in our yard yet. I have to wait for my perennials for June and the hostas in August. I usually plant annuals in early June.


  6. Beautiful house/architecture, beautiful front garden, attention to detail is so evident with flowers and colors you have surrounded your home. Definitely a curb appeal winner. Thank you for sharing, Loretta!:)


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