Summertime, and the livin’ is easy!

PicMonkey CollageI have this song crooning in my ears as I write this post.  I love Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald’s version.  Slow, sleepy, dreamy and conjuring up images of summer.  “ Fish are jumpin, and the cotton is high”.

Summer on the East Coast of the USA is here, and here with a vengeance!  Temperatures range from the 80’s to the mid 90’s, the garden is growing like there is no tomorrow.  I still enjoy time outside tending to the garden, but very soon I will have to make an early start during the day, perhaps at 6am when the sun isn’t quite so harsh.  As always, I love to experiment with new and innovative ideas, I’m forever moving and transplanting, do you ever find yourself doing that?  I seem to be notorious for this, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.  So let me take you on a tour of the garden and show you what has bloomed so far and what is yet to come.

PicMonkey CollageMy delphiniums really strutting their stuff.  The unusual color of this iris was given by the hostess at a garden party I attended a few weeks ago.  We all took home one of these beauties, I really hope it makes it in my garden.  Of course the cone-shaped planter with the scented petunias has to be my favorite.

PicMonkey CollageThe white azaleas never fail to disappoint.  Really trying to salvage my blue hosta that did not do too well during a transplant in the ground.  So I’m babying it some more before it joins the others in the ground.  Don’t you just love the pink plant, it is an annual called “pink splash” polka dot plant.  It showcases pretty well along borders and is a shade loving plant.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage

IMG_7525There you have it folks, just some of what is being displayed in our small urban garden.  Thanks for accompanying me on the tour.


  1. What a lovely rainbow of blossoms in your garden, Loretta! I love all of your containers. I have grown the pink polka dot plant on my shady front porch and just love it. Wishing you happy summertime days in the garden! ♡


  2. You have a beautiful garden Loretta, your plants look like they are thriving. Yes, summer is here with a vengeance on the east coast, it’s really hot and much to hot to garden in the sweltering sun. We also have had very little rain so watering is a must. Enjoy your beautiful garden.


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour through your garden, Loretta! Your flowers are just gorgeous. Hydrangeous, delphinium, and day lillies are some of my very favorite flowers. Things are starting to dry up and turn brown here due to the heat so your pictures were a sight for sore eyes!


  4. Loretta your garden is just a delight! I have been trying not to do so much manicuring and let some things just do their own thing. I finally got a real pretty pinkish hydrangea from a plant that has been in 3 different places and has never bloomed. I feel like a new mama!


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