Chocolate Beet Cake with chocolate ganache

I’m presenting another recipe today using some of the fresh produce in the garden.  A moist Chocolate cake with beets. This is a wonderful cake with the intense, rich, deep-dark flavor of chocolate!I must confess when I first heard of it, I couldn’t imagine beets in a cake, but you’ve got to believe me on this one.  The beets make this cake moist without really overpowering the  taste.  Think beet cake is strange?  Think again.  Much like carrot cakes and zucchini breads, this beet cake fulfills all that and more.


I love the idea of roasting the beets in the oven, but if you’re stuck for time, they can definitely be boiled.


Served with mango slices and blueberries


A close up of the chocolate ganache oozing down the sides of the cake.


One bite of this chocolate beet cake will dispel any thoughts of beets as an ingredient.


Here you have it, moist, light and oh so chocolatey!


To get Martha Stewart’s full recipe, click here.

This is my contribution to Fiesta Friday this week.  I hope our blogger friends will like it.


    1. Thanks so much Julie, anything tastes better with ganache don’t you agree? I’ve used zucchini and carrots in cakes or loaves before, but never beets. It’s a recipe I’ll be repeating for sure. Enjoy your weekend, we had a couple of low humidity days earlier this week, but it’s back in the 90’s now 😦

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    1. Thank you Fae, it was quite a decadent cake and we loved it. The red velvet cupcakes sound wonderful, cupcakes are definitely in now aren’t they? I should try to make that next, that way I won’t feel as guilty. Thanks for stopping, have yourself a wonderful weekend. 🙂


  1. Loretta,
    If only I could get some of that ganache dripping down the sides of that gorgeous cake! Yum! I have been waiting for your next post and this was surely worth the wait!
    Beets lend such a unique hue to a chocolate cake too, right? And with your fresh beets I am sure the cake must be super scrumptious!
    Your food styling and photography are spectacular, as always Loretta! My only regret is that I don’t live close by….

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    1. Thank you Sandhya, you’re awfully kind. That rich deep dark almost maroon color really shines right through, the beets definitely enhanced that. I wasn’t too happy with my styling and photos this time around, but thanks for the compliments anyway. Yes, I think we’d both enjoy sharing plates of food and goodies if we lived near each other.

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      1. The styling and photos were really awesome. Sometimes I get tired of looking at my own food shots but a fresh pair of eyes sees them differently.


  2. How heavenly, Loretta! And perfect timing too! I have tons of beets in my fridge right now. Everyone I know is gifting me veggies from their gardens – it has been an exceptional year! You can’t beat that now can you?

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    1. Thanks Juliana, that’s the best part of summer isn’t it? When others have their wares to share 🙂 Fortunately for me, there’s an abundance of veggies in the garden where I volunteer, about 8 raised beds. So it’s ours for the taking. I’m really experimenting with beets this year, we’ve never grown them before. So this chocolate cake was a perfect treat!

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    1. Thanks so much Nancy. Beets, beets and more beets at our house this summer. We’ve never grown it before, so I’m experimenting in different ways. I’m not so sure that this cake isn’t calorie ridden, but at least I can say I’ve had my veggies for the day 🙂


  3. This looks heavenly, Loretta! That ganache – who cares if it has a vegetable in it! 🙂 It makes sense that beets would be good in a cake just like carrots and zucchini, but I never would have thought of it. That’s what I love about blogs. You find out so many things you would never have known. Thanks so much for sharing this at Fiesta Friday!

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    1. Thanks so much Shari. You’re absolutely right…..I counted that as one of my veggies for the day :). I’m sure it has a ton of calories with all that chocolate ganache dripping down the sides. I would love to experiment with another vegetable or a fruit. Blogging does open a whole new world doesn’t it?


    1. Welcome to the world of blogging. You’re off to a great start. I love the recipes, perhaps though you could fill out a bit about yourself in the “ABOUT” section? It will give readers some idea as to what you enjoy doing, why you started the blog etc.etc. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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