The garden awakens!

I don’t want to jinx it, but this winter has been relatively mild.  I’ve yet to haul out my heavy winter coat for those frigid snowy days.  Why?  Well, there’s hardly been any snow to write home about and the temperatures haven’t dipped as low as they have in years past.  This is February for crying out loud, and we’ve flirted with temperatures in the high 60’s- 70 degrees F (20-21 degrees C) for several days.  I could easily live with winters like these.  As a matter of fact I haven’t been  whining to my husband as much as I have in the past about escaping to a tropical island.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything come up quite this early, but the soil is definitely warming up and even though this isn’t officially spring time, it sure has a certain spring like quality in the air.  A few weeks ago the snowdrops emerged, definitely one of the happier little plants that announce that spring is imminent.


Another cheerful sight that adds a splash of color has always been the crocuses.  These dainty little flowers bloom in shades of yellow and lavender with patches emerging all through the landscape.  On our walk today we came upon open fields studded with crocuses.  It’s definitely another sign that spring is around the corner.


I have to brace myself from going all out and starting work in my small patch around me.  Re-connecting with the earth is therapeutic, affirming and promising.  But patience has never been my strong suit, so I sit and count the days when I can don my gloves and hat and embrace nature in all its glory.  The countdown has begun.  Are you as excited as I am?  What jobs do you tend to first after winter’s slumber?




  1. I couldn’t wait so yesterday I sprinkled some nigella and larkspur seeds into the beds and borders, and I planted snow peas in the potager…all things I normally do when the first crocus blooms, and it turns out fine. When the first mini iris blooms, there’s another short list.

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  2. Kindred spirits, Loretta! I know exactly how you are feeling. We are enjoying a string of days in the upper 60s and low 70s here, too. It’s a delightful, early breath of Springtime! Your Spring blossoms are ahead of us, but we can see green shoots emerging. It’s so exciting! Yesterday I raked hundreds of pine cones from the grass in our backyard. It’s still too early to uncover my perennial beds, but I gently pushed the dried leaves aside just to take a peek. 🙂 Later this week, Winter will return and snowflakes are predicted. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Snowdrops, Loretta! It won’t be long now… ♡

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  3. Wow! Beautiful pictures and writing Loretta! I love welcoming the spring too….the energy of all the renewal around us is indeed assuring.
    We have some warm days too but have to wait until the snow melts. Hope the frigid days we had a couple of weeks ago do not return.

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  4. Oh those photos made my heart swell! I just cannot wait for spring. I think I am as impatient as you are. I’ve just planted my parsley seeds indoors. Two weeks from now it will be the spinach and the kale. Must shop for some containers for my container garden, so that will be first on the list. 🙂


  5. The crocus were always a delight to see pop up when the snow melted at our home in New Hampshire. Here in my area of Florida, our weather doesn’t change much from season to season. Winters are usually in the mid 70’s which are nice. I’m happy you have had a mild winter without too much snow…enjoy!


  6. Spring is definitely around the corner! We’ve had nice warm weather for a week, in the 40’s and 50’s here. I look forward to tilling my new flower garden bed in my front yard and gather seeds and plants for my veggie garden. Before we know it, we can spend more time outside.😎❤


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