Ready, Set, Grow!

Ahh springtime!  Re-connecting with the earth is affirming, renewing and promising.  Waking up to a new growing season, the garden is bursting with possibilities, there’s plans to be made for the new season, salvaging some of the more delicate shrubs that might need attention, trimming and clipping dead wood, fertilizing, mulching, and general clean up of the beds is first on my list of priorities.   Each year, I try to add a few new perennials to the already established flower beds.  I love sharing and dividing what I have and receiving the same from friends.   Here are some collages of what has already bloomed and some current bloomers.  If you’ve been following Safari of the Mind, you will know that about 4 years ago, we downsized and moved to the city.  Space is a premium here, but I continue to work on the flower beds both in the back and front to get it to look the way I want it to, it’s a work in progress for sure.

In the Fall I planted some tulip bulbs in containers so we could enjoy a splash of color in the backyard.  I was clearly disappointed with the results as you will see from the pictures above.  Some bulbs never made it, could that have been a result of poor drainage?  The pesky squirrels were digging away, even though I had covered the pots with some bird netting, so my plan to plant in pots instead of in the ground were clearly disheartening.

The old bird bath does pretty well through the winter.  Just when I think there’s no life left in it during the dead of winter, it comes back every year.  Just a side view of the white candytuft cascading over the wood planter in the front bed.  I love this plant as it showcases its beautiful stark white flowers for nearly a month.  I used to have dianthus in the front bed that somehow did not return last spring.  So I’ve replaced them at each side of the stairway leading up to the front door; these are a gorgeous scented variety.  Each time I enter the house, I get a pleasant whiff when going past these bright pink flowers.  The first picture shows the salvia, which is a very forgiving plant, growing side by side with an azalea.  The bumble bees are always swarming around the salvia.  Did you know that once salvia have bloomed, you just take a pair of scissors and snip off all the dead flowers, and it puts out new flowers in a few weeks?  Try it.

Forget-me-nots and azaleas blooming side by side.  These tiny blue flowers self sow once they’ve bloomed, so they form a nice carpet of blue just under the azaleas.

I can’t seem to get enough hostas.  I love them all.  It definitely covers up a large area which in turn keeps the weeds at bay.  I’m nursing the baby blue one at present (bottom right).  It did survive the winter, so I’m hoping it will double its size through the summer.  There’s just so many sizes and colors, one can never have enough hostas in the garden.  The backyard is pretty shady, so these hostas do very well in the back and side gardens.

Just a few random shots of what’s coming up in the garden.  Gerber daisies, Daylilies, Shasta Daisies, Veronica Speedwell, Asiatic lilies

Some shots of the front porch and entrance.  There’s still a lot of work left to do after shaping, pruning and trimming some of the bushes, shrubs and dead wood.  A top layer of mulch in the front, back and sides will finish the job before the hot, harsh weather arrives.

I just love spring time and all the energy, zest and sparkle that the season yields.  From my garden to yours, I wish you a growing and beautiful season.


  1. your flowers and gardens are lovely. I love the spring and seeing what is going to pop up again! Now, if the weather cooperates with me, mine will be underway this weekend! Happy Friday!


  2. Just lovely Loretta. I have never had much luck with the overwintered bulbs in pots either. Hit and miss. For the squirrels, have you tried dipping the bulbs in Deer Off or a similar repellent product first and adding cayenne and hot pepper flakes to your soil? It helps. I have actually buried the tulip bulbs in a basket of chicken wire. They can grow through it but the squirrels can’t dig them out. I eventually just planted narcissus and buy potted tulips in spring near the door in a higher planter that usually works. Enjoy your garden! Happy Mother’s Day!!


  3. Your flowers looks amazing and what green fingers you have! I love the look of the front of your house, beautiful 🙂


  4. What a beautiful sight to behold! Waking up every morning to this gorgeous garden is a pleasure to the eyes. Of course there must be a lot of hard work which goes into this. Lovely collection of flower plants Loretta.There must be a lot of butterflies around too.
    Love and best wishes


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