Month: June 2017

A Fruit and nut vegan no-bake cheesecake

Whenever you see a dessert featured on my blog, you’ll know that we’ve had company.  You see my husband, Bert is  not into desserts as much as I am, so even if I were to try something new, I’d guarantee I’d have to eat it all on my own.  We entertain fairly frequently, so here’s my chance to try something new each time.  Here’s a dessert I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  There’s many variations to a “raw” cheesecake, one that you do not bake.  With the warmer weather here, who would want to turn on the oven anyway?  So, I was inspired when I saw Indu’s cheesecake recipe and went about trying it.   I have made truffles and other light treats before, incorporating dried fruit and nuts to get that sweet tooth fix if you know what I mean 🙂


Shifting Rocks and the Sea

If you were to look at the main picture above, could you hazard a guess as to where my travels took me to this past month?  Would you believe it if I told you this was in the county of Dorset in England?  I had to pinch myself to believe it as I first caught a  glimpse of the stunningly blue waters and the formation of the natural limestone arch.  This could easily have been somewhere in the Caribbean.


Pot Roast with vegetables

Hello blogger buddies and friends.  It was an extra long hiatus from the blogging world for me, do pardon my absence.  Our 3 week long vacation found us in England for 10 days and Switzerland for the rest of the time.  Our trip to England this time was extra special as we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday.  My mother and family live in England, so it was great to have all the cousins and family together under one roof.  Switzerland was just magical – I had often dreamed of going there and was absolutely tickled when that dream became reality.  However, I’ll leave Switzerland for another post.