fresh vegetables

Asian Noodle Soup

It’s the craze, trend, fad,  call it whatever you will, but aren’t these Asian noodle bowls or ramen bowls just so popular now?  I always thought it looked real good but had never really tried making it at home, nor had I tried it in restaurants.  So a few weeks ago I set out to remedy that.


Just like Loaded Baked Potatoes minus the carbs

I’d like to share another low-carb recipe that I stumbled on the other day.  In an effort to cut back on carbohydrates such as those found in sugary foods, pasta, breads, I’m trying to aim for a low-carb diet that is high in protein and healthy vegetables.  Studies show that it can cause weight loss and improve one’s overall health.  I’ve tried cauliflower in a few low carb recipes lately.  I’ve tried cauliflower mash, riced cauliflower (recipe coming to the blog soon) and now this cheesy and oh so delicious cauliflower casserole with additional vegetables, leeks, carrots and spring onions.  It does have a secret ingredient that sets it apart from the rest…..bacon, or leave the bacon out for a vegetarian meal.


Zucchini boats with sprouted tri color quinoa and corn

Those of you who have been following Safari of the Mind this past summer will know that I’ve been inundated with fresh vegetables from the garden where I volunteer at.  We have about 6 raised beds with an assortment of vegetables.  There’s nothing quite so satisfying than picking your own fresh produce that you’ve toiled so hard at.