Garden District

The Garden District – A breathtaking side of New Orleans

A city with a special vibe, a city that screams “come on down, let’s have some fun”.  We have been to New Orleans a number of times before, but never tire of it.  When we lived in Texas, we’d visit frequently and also on more recent trips with friends.  Trawling the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, beignets which are those soft pillowy donuts showered with powdered sugar, cajun and creole restaurants, musicians around every corner, are all synonymous of what New Orleans is all about.  What we had never experienced before though, was the Jazz Festival that typically takes place around May.  A group of about 11 of us decided to rent a B & B in the Garden District.  Although we had taken the St. Charles Street car before, we had never really stopped off to admire the architecture or the gardens around the area.  This trip definitely changed that for me.  We all parted ways at different times of the day for various music events.  Hubby and I had tickets to see Sting and Rod Stewart.  What fun!  Now back to the Garden District to get a view of what we experienced.