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Swiss Chard, Beet Greens and Ricotta gluten-free muffins

Here I am, back again sharing why I’ve been so busy in my kitchen lately.  All the produce that the garden is generating at an alarming rate has to be turned into something nutritious, flavorful and freezable (Is that a word)?  So today I will be presenting these yummy gluten-free muffins.  I’ve used swiss chard here, in addition to the green tops of the beets that I had saved in the refrigerator.  The vivid and striking colors, texture and taste were just amazing!  Being gluten-free, you know the lack of carbs should definitely be an asset on the waistline, so don’t hesitate to reach out for seconds.  Eat these muffins for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a side salad or just a snack.



Roasted Chicken and Roasted Beets with Couscous and yogurt sauce

My last few posts have featured fresh garden produce from the garden where I volunteer at once a week.  This was the very first time we grew beets, I’ve been so pleased with the results, that we will surely be adding it to next year’s list.  Roasting beets is a great way to eat these tender and beautiful red jewels that are packed with nutrients.  Fresh beets create a taste and texture that canned beets cannot replicate, plus they come with the green tops that can be added to many other dishes.



Vegan Green Lentil Spicy Soup

My humblest apologies for disappearing off the blogging radar for so long.  We were out of the country for a while, and it seems like it always takes a stretch to get back in the swing of things.  Some bloggers are so organized and dedicated to their blogs, that they prepare a few posts ahead of time and connect even when on vacation.  Me? I’m not that organized, hence the hiatus from my blog, so please forgive me Readers, I promise I will make up for it.