Meatball curry


A Cooke Book (that’s not a mis-spelling)

Doreen Cooke was my husband’s Aunt.  She was known for her love of cooking.  She loved to get busy in the kitchen and prepared certain favorites that family and friends expected when visiting her.  Spare Ribs, Parsee Mince, Chicken Cacciatori, Shepherds Pie, Biryani and her infamous Hot Ball  Curry were among her specialties.  I remember her visit when we lived in Texas, our oldest was about 3 years old, Aunt Doreen showed us how to make pizza from scratch, complete with throwing the dough up in the air and splattering white flour all over herself much to the amusement of our 3 year old.  Doreen had a passion for cooking and creating in the kitchen. When she passed away about 5 or so years ago, our family decided to gather her recipes from all the relatives and make up a “Cooke” book with all her favorite recipes.  Her Hot Ball Curry was a dish she repeated again and again as we all enjoyed it immensely.