Niçoise Salad

It is Bastille Day today (National French Day).  Presenting a refreshing salad for the occasion.  Traditionally made with local olives, tuna and anchovies, this protein rich salad from Nice has become a staple all over France.  I absolutely love this salad, not only is it flavorful and appetizing, it is deliciously light yet quite satisfying on a  hot summer’s day.  I ought not to complain though, as this summer has been relatively bearable, so what’s a few days when temperatures feel like 100 degrees F?  On days like these, who needs to be slaving over a hot stove anyway?  So this salad was created.


Tagine of monkfish, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and black olives

I’d say a few meals are more satisfying and eye-appealing than a hearty and warm tagine.  The name tagine is given to the conical shaped, earthenware vessel in which the food is cooked.  From the stove top  to the table, this decorative vessel with its fragrant stew forms the basis of traditional Moroccan cooking.  Most authentic tagines have a small hole at the top of the conical lid to release some of the steam.