Cuban Pork Roast

We had a real hankering for a roast of sorts this past weekend.  Except for a whole roast chicken with trimmings, we don’t tend to cook roasts as much as we used to.  We do enjoy a nice lamb roast every once in a while, but it had been years since I’d cooked a pork roast.  So I thought, I’d go all out and cook it Cuban style, complete with black beans, rice and plantain rounds pan-fried in olive oil for sides.  Let me tell you, this pork roast was extremely flavorful, tender, smoky and juicy.  It had just the right amount of seasonings, spiciness and zest to make it a one hit wonder!  It is all in the marinade folks (which I left overnight in the refrigerator).  Look at that charred  top, I loved it.   Serve it up with Cuban mojitos and you’ll think you’re on the beaches of Cuba, with island music ringing in your ears 🙂



A fish dinner down to the bare bones!

There’s an ethnic market a few miles away that I frequent at least twice a month.  They have such a variety of fresh produce from all corners of the globe.  Newark Farmers Market is Chinese owned I believe, but there’s a large Indian, Caribbean, Mexican, Japanese, Korean section, and many more.  Their stands display an array of fruit and vegetables that are inexpensive. Their grains come in a variety of colors and shapes, there’s such a vast selection of teas and coffee, cheeses, meats and fish.  I came away with more than I needed or wanted, but that happens at every single visit to this diverse market.