quick and easy

The last of the summer desserts – Mango pudding

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any dessert recipes, so I wanted to end the summer with a mango pudding.  It’s still warm where we are, and this cool, refreshing dessert went down a treat.  It is  such a simple, yet amazing recipe – you can multi-task whilst making this luscious, creamy, tropical  pudding as there’s basically just 4 main ingredients.  I took some short cuts too, so this whole recipe came together in no time.  You can also use half the ingredients and make just four instead of eight.


Summer’s picks – Pickled cucumbers

It’s that time of year when Farmers markets, gardens and home produce are a plenty.  I like to keep a stock of vegetables that I can freeze and use at a later date, in the depths of winter when fresh produce isn’t as plentiful.  Spaghetti sauce is something I make fairly frequently from all the chopped tomatoes that I freeze over the summer.  Peppers also freeze pretty well.  These cucumbers were waiting to be pickled, I made a very simple recipe taken from The Smitten Kitchen, it turned out beautiful, I’ve made enough to share with friends.